Captivating and “coquettish”, Viñamar´s newly launched Limited Edition Rosé has a charming label.

Viñamar, VSPT´s producer of sparking wines, continues to innovate in its segment, introducing a Limited Edition of Viñamar Rosé. The wine is matched with a colorful and cheerful label featuring heart patterns, and is a must-have for sparkling wine lovers and collectors alike.

Made with 100% Pinot Noir of Casablanca Valley, this Rosé charms with its bright, pale pink color and persistent crown. The bouquet features delicious notes of cherries, strawberries and grapefruit over a light touch of white leavened bread, showing characteristic aromas of good quality sparkling wine. The mouth feel is fresh, flavorful, with good acidity and persistence.

Viñamar Rosé, Limited Edition is for sale while stocks last, through supermarkets and specialized stores, at approximately $5,900 CLP.