Do you know?

· Is important to serve Viñamar sparkling wines between 6°C – 8°C.

· The difference between sparkling wine varieties mainly depends on the level of sugar. The varieties, from less to more sugar are:
Brut Nature (less than 3 gr./lt.)
Extra Brut (less than 6 gr./lt.)
Brut (less than 15 gr./lt.)
Demi-Sec (33 to 50 gr./lt.)

· One glass of sparkling wine has 80 calories

· Sparkling wines are ideal as aperitifs and also for any occasion

· There are two methods for elaborate sparkling wines:

1) Charmat: The fermentation is made in two steps. Both are made in stainless steel tanks. The second fermentation is carried out to generate bubbles.

2) Traditional Method or Champenoise: Is a slower method. In contrast with Charmat Method, the second fermentation is carried out inside the bottle.