The secrets as to why Viñamar constantly surprise sparkling wine lovers lies in its unique identity. French-style surroundings, fresh sparkling wines and unique details amaze even friends of the brand, who celebrated with elegant sparkling wine choices of Viñamar Extra Brut and Viñamar Rosé.

Thus went the celebration of the small and cozy Christmas by Viñamar and friends at La Petite Societé, who came together in the gardens of Isabel Aninat Art Gallery, decked with fine furniture and warm lights. Polaroid cameras were one of the highlights of the event, allowing guests to capture joyful moments and register their achievements in 2013.

Viñamar provided every guest with a special gift, in a symbolic and mystic afternoon by the Wish Tree, set up for everyone to leave their memories, polaroid portraits or Christmas wishes for 2014.